Fred Thomas Resort is a name synonymous with the ultimate in comfort and hospitality in Wisconsin’s northwest resort area. Contemporary facilities, beautifully landscaped grounds and the surrounding unspoiled wilderness combine to create a perfect vacation atmosphere.

Relaxing at the patio or sundeck, you can forget the clock and take it easy. Sit down, read a book and watch the fishermen come in with their catch.

Our variety of tastefully appointed accommodations are sure to meet the requirements of every guest. Cozy lake homes and condo units are situated lakeside and immaculately maintained. All accommodations are equipped with every amenity including cable TV, wireless high-speed internet access, air conditioning and complete kitchens with dishwashers in most. Some units also have gas or electric fireplaces. Our lake homes and condo units offer spacious rooms and glistening lake views from picture windows and large screened porches.

Sometimes one just needs to sit down and relax. Unwinding comes easy as you enjoy the view from your porch, lawn chair, patio, beach, sun deck, or boat. Flower lovers will appreciate the many flower beds featured throughout the resort.

Take a virtual 360 degree tour of our grounds here.

Fred Thomas Resort Solar Panels and Electric Vehicle Charging

Our business depends on a clean, healthy environment so we are taking steps to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and overall environmental footprint. In 2015 we activated our grid-tied 14.767 kW solar photovoltaic array. In 2020 we added another 8 kW array which can be seasonally adjusted for optimal tilt angle. Combined they produce approximately 45% of our electricity and offsets about 27,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions yearly. Excess solar energy is sold back to the utility at the retail rate.  Click the link to see our real time solar production data. http://egauge14450.egaug.es/

In 2017 we installed a Tesla electric vehicle charger next to the solar panels allowing our electric vehicle owning guests to drive on sunshine. This level 2 charger adds about 30 miles of range per hour of charging. In 2019 we added an adapter to allow all electric vehicles – not just Teslas – to use our charger.

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